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Seven Oceans
Risk Management 

The wait for a top-notch Hedging application to address the needs of bulk freight in Dry, Tanker & Gas trades is over. Seven Oceans is soon launching a Risk Management module to cater to this need.

Unveiling the Future:
Navigating the Complexity of Risk Management in Commercial Shipping 

Effectively Navigate Market Volatility. Gain Real-time Visibility, Strategic Scenario Planning, and Competitive Pricing for Optimizing Freight and Bunker Exposure.

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Cargo Risk

  • SORM covers cargoes across all vessel categories, including Panamax, Aframax, Cape, and more.

  • Enjoy real-time comparison of planned and actual cargo fixtures, ensuring instant visibility and efficient decision-making.

  •  Leverage P&L variance analysis to optimize voyage profitability and identify opportunities for increased returns.

  • Streamline cargo risk management processes and eliminate uncertainties with our advanced system.

  • Focus on growing your business while our platform handles the complexities of cargo risk in commercial bulk shipping.

Vessel Risk

  • Comprehensive Vessel Coverage: SORM provides complete coverage for all vessel categories, including Panamax, Aframax, Cape, and more. Say goodbye to worries about daily hire risks – SORM has you covered.

  • Real-Time Fixture Comparison: Experience the power of instant comparison between planned (TBN) vessels and actual fixtures. Our real-time updates keep you in the loop, whether you're trading based on Voyage or Time Charters.

  • Market Insights at Your Fingertips: Stay ahead of the competition with SORM's futuristic analysis of Baltic Indices, and the like. Easily compare market rates with benchmarked vessel hire rates, empowering you to make strategic decisions.

Freight Forwarding Agreements

  • Freight Risk Minimization: Gain a competitive edge with our exclusive forward contract hedging, designed to minimize freight risk in both physical and paper trades.

  • Tailored for Every Business: SORM covers all the nuances for charterers, shipowners, and speculators, ensuring that your unique business exposure is fully addressed. We understand your needs and provide comprehensive solutions.

  • Built on Established Indices: Our system is built on shipping indices, offering unparalleled insights into chosen tanker and bulk routes. Leverage this data-driven advantage to make informed decisions and optimize your operations.

  • Seamless Compatibility: Stay connected with clearing houses and freight future exchanges, including SGX, EEX, and more. SORM ensures compatibility and smooth operations, keeping you at the forefront of the industry.

Supercharge your Commercial Bulk Shipping Operations with SORM


A game-changing hedging tool that works easily in tandem with our flagship product SOC and also independently.


Developed with a large input from industry experts within our customer landscape & beyond


AI Tools incorporated to empower the shipping practitioner with timely and meaningful prompts and alerts on business profitability, thus always staying ahead on the knowledge curve

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SORM Launch

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