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New COA Dashboards for SOC

The Voyage and Time Charter dashboards in our product Seven Oceans Commercials are actively used by our customers. The new set of dashboards has been released to manage Contracts of Affreightment.

Charterers, Operators and Management can now analyse profitability for every shipment within the dashboard and map it to the conditions at the time of the fixture.

Seven Oceans’ management which consists of people who have commercially fixed and managed ships was quoted saying - This is by far the most comprehensive COA management module available in the market today.

Main features include:
  1. Auto alerts on balance shipments and balance quantities.

  2. Part loads per shipper at different rates.

  3. All bill-ables as per the complexities of modern-day tanker and dry cargo COAs are included and displayed neatly on the dashboard results. Such events arise from multiple shippers in a load port, additional bunker costs, additional port costs, additional income apart from freight and many more.

  4. An at-at-a-glance view of income and cost, ensures shipment details are not missed. Alerts and notifications ensure tight control over each shipment.

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