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Seven Oceans Brokerage 

An end-to-end post-fixture platform tailored specifically for shipbrokers.

Total Clarity over
Freight Management, Voyage Management & Contracts + Charter Parties
for Shipbrokers. 

Explore SOB's range of pertinent features that enable Shipbrokers with end-to-end clarity, relevant market data, and smooth integrations to optimize freight and voyage management operations.

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Finance & Accounting

  • Invoicing, Claims Management. Invoices include GST and VAT regimes where required

  • The software has integration capabilities to any other accounting software.

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  • Custom and configurable Dashboards

  • Business Type Dashboards cover VCs, TCs, COAs, Pools & more

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Nominations & Fixtures
  • Fixture notes can be quickly created for Spot Voyage, Time Charters and COAs

  • Broker(s) allocation.

Screenshot 2023-05-17 at 2.39.48 AM.png
  • Operations at a glance for each voyage or TC, as the case may be

  • Fixtures can be augmented with voyage progress

  • Status of voyage in relation to commission invoice is maintained

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  • Several reports on profitability, comparisons at various voyage stages, amount receivables.





>2 Billion

Tonnes of Cargo


Corporation Interacted 



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