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Propel Shipping (A C T Group) Adopt Seven Oceans To Optimise Their Digital Journey

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

February 3, 2022

Propel Shipping (A C T Group), premier Owners in the Dry Bulk and Tanker sectors of Bulk shipping and Seven Oceans, top providers of commercial shipping software, are delighted to announce the successful integration of Seven Oceans Commercials as their comprehensive commercial shipping solution.
Headquartered in India, with a powerful presence in the region, A C T group has implemented Seven Oceans Commercials for its chartering, operations, post-fixture, claims management, voyage, and finance needs. The Singapore chartering and operations arm, Propel Shipping, has also chosen Seven Oceans as their primary commercial solution. This new relationship is a monumental step in optimising A C T Group’s commercial journey alongside Seven Oceans’ technology to address all operational needs.
Mr Sudhir Satapathy, Vice President at A C T Group commented that “A C T Group’s digital transformation journey will catapult with 7Oceans. The application is user-friendly, robust and holistic for all major trading needs. We are looking forward to optimising our shipping process with Seven Oceans’ technology".
Capt Himanshu Joshi, CEO at Seven Oceans, also stated that “This is the start to a great commercial shipping digital transformation. A C T Group and Propel Shipping are respected pioneers in their field. 7Oceans ensures that every user has the most rounded and efficient experience. The software ensures that all processes are intelligent, swift and in line with the future of the maritime industry. We are looking forward to more innovative progress with our solution”.
Seven Oceans continues to be contemporary in its approach to enhancing its technology capabilities with AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain. All such upgrades will be augmented at A C T Group and all other customers respectively.

About A C T Group A C T Group was established in 1982 and now offers its services across various ports in India with a strong team of more than 400 employees. The group is one of the leading service providers offering complete services for sea trade and logistics including Chartering, Stevedoring, Clearing and Forwarding, Warehousing, Bulk Cargo Handling, Custom Broking, Ship Agency, Project Logistics & Transportation.
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About Propel Shipping Propel Shipping is a global dry-bulk shipping operator based out of Singapore with group offices in Dubai & India. The company annually carries over 20 million MT of cargo globally for its various customers in the Steel, Cement, Power, Fertiliser & Mineral sectors.
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