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Socatra Choses Seven Oceans Commercials for their Tanker Trade Needs

29 April 2019

Socatra, a well-established oil tanker ownership firm headquartered in Bordeaux, France, has opted to subscrube to Seven Oceans Commercials. This premier commercial shipping software will cater to their chartering, operations, and voyage finance requirements. Additionally, the commercial software will seamlessly integrate with Socatra's existing fleet management and financial and accounting applications.

Socatra feels that this development will add huge value to the management reporting needs of the company. The company and vessel level profitability can be measured at a glance with this development. 

Seven Oceans Commercials, the cutting-edge and contemporary commercial shipping software, continues to venture into the realms of dry, tanker (oil and chemical), and gas cargoes. It collaborates with connected ship owners, operators, and other key stakeholders in the industry.

Seven Oceans' management was quoted saying - "We understand the needs of commercial shipping players far better than most because of hands-on experience of commercial shipping (Chartering, Ops, Management needs) in the company leadership, supported by a finest set of people from the discipline of modern technology. Most importantly, we believe in supporting our clients to the fullest of their satisfaction".

About Seven Oceans Singapore
Seven Oceans is a leading Singapore HQ-ed company that creates global maritime and shipping software for commercial shipping and fleet management. Its commercial shipping product, is the most revolutionary creation that serves charterers, ship-owners, ship-operators, and ship-brokers for dry bulk, tanker and gas shipping needs.

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