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Streamline Your Ship Broker Operations with SOB

Updated: Jun 24

In our latest video, we unveiled updates to Seven Oceans Brokerage (SOB), our robust Post-Fixture platform designed to transform the way ship brokers operate. SOB goes beyond simply managing fixtures – As a Ship Broker Platform, it empowers you to achieve peak efficiency and unlock the hidden potential of your business.

Unparalleled Visibility and Control

SOB provides a user-friendly interface with customizable dashboards. Gain instant insights into your operations with real-time data at your fingertips. This comprehensive overview allows you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of potential challenges.

Effortless Management from Start to Finish

SOB streamlines the entire Post-Fixture process. Manage in-operation activities and post-fixture details seamlessly within a single platform. No more juggling disparate systems; SOB offers a centralized hub for complete control.

Automated Reporting and Time Savings

Say goodbye to tedious manual calculations and report generation. SOB automates Laytime, demurrage, and custom reporting, freeing you from administrative burdens. This translates to significant time savings, allowing you to focus on what matters most – closing deals and growing your business.

Intelligent Decision-Making

SOB doesn't just automate tasks – it equips you with the tools to make smarter decisions. With real-time data and insights, you can negotiate more intelligent fixtures and optimize your operations for maximum profitability.

Operational Agility for a Competitive Edge

The maritime industry thrives on agility. Our Ship Broker platform empowers you to react quickly to changing circumstances and capitalize on new opportunities. With streamlined workflows and automated processes, you'll be able to adapt and respond faster than ever before.

Effortless Invoicing

SOB takes the hassle out of invoicing. Automate the invoicing process, ensuring timely and accurate billing for your services. This not only reduces errors but also frees you from chasing down payments, allowing you to focus on building strong client relationships.

Ready to Experience the SOB Difference?

Watch our latest video to delve deeper into the features and benefits of SOB. Book a free demo to see how our platform can revolutionize your ship-broking operations and propel your business towards long-term success.


About Seven Oceans Singapore

Seven Oceans is a leading Singapore HQ-ed company that creates global maritime and shipping software for commercial shipping and fleet management. Its commercial shipping suite is the most revolutionary creation that serves charterers, ship owners, ship operators, and ship brokers for dry bulk, tanker and gas shipping needs.

For more information visit or email us at

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